Barry's Story

Barry Arvin Young is a New England native hailing from coastal Maine who has made a life from music creation and performance. Four albums of his own music, guitarist and songwriting credits with the Kelly Parker Band in the 1990s, producer credits with D.T. Seizure and others independent Portland Maine bands, guitarist for Joan Kennedy, live sound engineer for Bebe Buell and The Gargoyles, Sam Black Church, tour engineer for Thanks To Gravity, and two seasons of music including writing the theme song for the cable TV program "Riding Steel" are among the works he has produced over time. His latest effort "The Less I Say..." is a 12 song singer/songwriter collection recorded alone with no other accompaniment and was produced by Andrew Morgan in his Falmouth Maine recording studio. When not at work on his creative efforts he can usually be seen along the New England coast ranging from Bar Harbor, Maine to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire during the tourist season playing summertime classics.

Contact can be made through this website for information regarding scheduling, appearances, music downloads and .sales