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Welcome to the Modern Lounge...

You're in the mood for something a little bit different, something with a quiet reserved sophistication, but not too high brow. Something you and your date can both enjoy on your individual terms, familiar yet with a modern touch. Adult settings, adult mood settings, adult fun. You want to take your date to a place you won't have to apologize for, where you can relax into the setting, the mood and the pleasantly surprising music selection, classic with a familiarly modern twist. Welcome to the Modern Lounge...

Modern Classic Piano and Vocal Music Performances  

Barry Arvin Young performs guitar using the unique Yamaha "Silent Guitar" Model SLG 100s and performs piano with a vintage Yamaha CP-80 professional baby grand portable electric piano, the very presence of the instrument commanding its own attention in the room. The unique and authentic sounds of these instruments blend beautifully with the modern backing tracks of the music used in the live performance, along with the vocal harmonizer that produces perfect vocal harmonies creating for the listener a completed music performance. The musical selection is geared towards classic easy listening favorites running from the cocktail lounge scene to new modern classics. Something for everybody, perfect for happy hours, apres-ski, restaurants, dinner clubs and country clubs performances.

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